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                              Celebrating Our Heritage




                                                    The faith of this pioneer community was nurtured in a small log cabin church in 1837. By                                                             1844 a church building modeled on the pantheon in Rome stood on the present grounds of St.                                                Mary-of-the-Woods College. A strong bond was established with Saint Mother Theodore                                                               Guerin and her Sisters of Providence and it continues to this day. 


                                                    Despite fires and other hardships, the parish, known then as Assumption Church, grew and                                                         flourished. Records indicate that between 1879 and 1912 there were 114 marriages and 600                                                       baptisms.


                                                    This faith community has changed over the years in response to current needs. However, families have continued to pass on their faith generation after generation providing a continuity that is rare in our times. 


Being present to one another in times of hardship and in times of joyful celebration has marked the faith life of this parish.


As this faith community looks to the future with its challenges and uncertainties, it can be proud of its heritage. As the members of St. Mary's Village Church engage with one another in an even deeper way, this faith community will be strengthened and stretche. May presence to God and to one another always be at the heart of our mission to build a coummunity that truly reflects the ideals of Jesus. 

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